ProActively Protecting Your Dog From The Epidemic Dog Flu

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Veterinary experts are warning about a rare epidemic of canine dog flu spreading in the U.S. that has sickened more than 1000 dogs and already caused the deaths of five and it hasn’t stopped there.

With such a significant increase in cases of the respiratory illness, There are posted warnings advising dog owners to keep their pets clear of places where dogs can be in close contact with other dogs. Dogs that socialize at places like parks, day care, boarding, group training classes or groomers are at higher risk for catching the highly contagious condition.

Dr. Anne Cohen, an emergency and critical care specialty veterinarian told ABC News that a canine flu shot exists, but not all dogs need it. And while the two-shot vaccination (spaced three weeks apart) may not ward off the illness altogether, it can reduce the length and severity of the illness. For full protection, Cohen…

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