Summer Tips For Keeping Your Pooch Cool & Happy!


Prince Nino – 5 months old

Well after pet sitting today,  my 4 fur babies, who constantly  beg me to take them out in the middle of the day, finally got a taste of why we always walk in the early morning hours(6am -8am) or the evening (6:30 pm – 8 pm).  I allowed them to be my dates for an art festival. Guess what they did?  They were constantly trying to  hide under every table to protect themselves from the heat and sun. Needless to say , our stay wasn’t long . Of course I won’t allow them to die of a heatstroke. I took them home, gave them  water, fed  them and  let them relax in this beautiful cool house.

So what’s your summertime plan with your favorite four legged kids? As humans, during the summertime, we LOVE feeling the heat. Your pets think they will enjoy it too, but what they don’t know, overheating can be dangerous. Well here are some great tips for these hot days summer.

“Heatstroke is by far the greatest concern,” says Andrea Hilden, DVM, a veterinarian with Animal Care Center of Green Valley in Arizona. A Hebrew University study found that 50% of dogs with heatstroke won’t survive.

Also known as hyperthermia, heatstroke happens when a dog’s body temperature rises above the average 102.5 F and can’t be controlled by normal cooling processes, like panting. Warning signs include fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea, and, at the worst, confusion and seizures. Here’s how to keep your dog cool and healthy all summer long (and even get in a few games of outdoor catch).

Follow The Leader: The Dog’s Lead. The No. 1 sign that a dog’s core temperature is getting too high is fatigue. If you’re out for a hike with your dog on a hot day and he’s searching for every shady spot to lie down in, turn around and carry him home.  If you’re worried that he’s overheated, you can use a rectal thermometer to check his temperature when you get home,

Don’t Get Fooled By The Temperature:
 Dogs can get too hot in weather as low as 80 degrees. Add in humidity and exercise and it could be a recipe for disaster. If you can’t comfortably sit outside for an extended period of time, then don’t let your dog do it, either.

Too Hot to Walk Mid-Day, Change Times:  Dogs still need activity in the summer, but it’s best to avoid the hottest parts of the day. Try going early in the morning or late at night after the sun has set.  Try the times I suggested earlier: 6 am – 8 am or 6:30 pm  – 8 pm.

Believe it or Not, Summertime is not best for a haircut. You may be tempted to shave your pup’s thick hair in an effort to cool him off for the summer, but it could do more harm than good. A dog’s coat provides a buffer to help him regulate his body temperature.   A trim won’t help him handle the heat.

Pooch Bored During Mid-Day :  All of us have to work and during the day, our fur babies get bored, antsy and lonely. Hire A Pet Sitter. A pet sitter does more than walk the dog. They find creative ways to help your dog release energy, give them companionship and cut down on the loneliness . It is also lessens your stress knowing he is in great care with someone you trust.

Finally, Don’t use ice. If your dog shows signs of heatstroke, wet him down with room temperature water and put him in front of a fan. “Your first instinct might be to pack ice packs around him or cool him off as quickly as possible, but the cold causes his blood vessels to constrict, and when they constrict they can’t [get rid of] heat. At this point, Call your vet and take your dog in right away for treatment.

These Tips Should Have Your Pets Having A Fantastic Summer!! Till Next Time……..




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