Safety Tips For Our Memorial Day Pets!!

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Summer is here! And there’s no better way to kick off the Memorial Day celebrations than having some fun in the sun with a beach barbeque or picnic at the park. However, before you ignite the grill and start the festivities, it is important to remember the safety of your furry companions! ASPCA does recommend keeping your pets indoors as much as possible during outdoor parties. However, if your pet insists on joining you out and about this Memorial weekend, we have provided some safety tips to ensure the day is fun for both pets and people!

Keep alcoholic beverages out of the paw’s reach.Alcohol is potentially hazardous to pets, so make sure your pet does not accidentally consume any wine, beer, or mixed drinks.

Avoid scraps from the grill.It is important to resist those begging eyes and stick with your pet’s normal diet. Any table…

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