The Best 3 Veterinarians In Gwinnett County Are…..

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As a pet sitter, I develop relationships with many veterinarians in my community. My clients are aware of my knowledge about great care for pets. Therefore many times my clients ask “Can you please recommend a vet to us? We are new to the area.” “Are you familiar with Holistic Doctors in the area? My pet has allergies.” . These are real questions from real clients.

I am honest and upfront with my criteria of a veterinarian and their performance . I hope my opinion can lend someone a helpful hand.

The Top Veterinarian list is based not only on my personal experience with the vet but also their credentials, and conversations I’ve had with current clients as well as awards.

Value Vet

Value Vet Lawrenceville
3645 Lawrenceville Hwy
Lawrenceville, GA 30044
(770) 686-3010


This is the primary Veterinarian I use for all 5 of my pets. I pay attention to the reactions of my pets when they are being evaluated . All my pets love going there. Okay , “love” is an exaggeration. Let’s say they are very comfortable with the staff. Value Vet provides very affordable preventative medicine and general surgical care for your pet at excellent prices in the Gwinnett County, Ga. areas. Value Vet provides low cost dental cleanings, spays, neuters, vaccines, heartworm tests, as well as many other surgeries, exams and treatments . At each location, their ACEs (Animal Care Experts) have years of experience. Besides the affordable rate which allows me to still eat, I have never walked away with a notion that they are piling services on my bill for the sole purpose of making as much money from me as possible.

Gwinnett Animal Clinic



Gwinnett Animal Clinic
190 Buford Drive
Lawrenceville, GA 30045

Gwinnett Animal Clinic has been caring for pets since 1966. Their long history is equivalent to the long traditions and excellent reputation of this Clinic . If you were to research and talk to their clients, all of them have similar positive responses. The provide the same services as Value Vet along with an extra service of boarding your pet at a reasonable rate. Another great benefit is the hours of opening are long and they are open during the weekend. Another great benefit of this clinic, the head Veterinarian , J. W. Wallis, DVM , trained and worked for the founder of the clinic, P.J. Wall,DVM. They are very connected to their traditions. Also, J. W. Wallis holds bachelors, masters and DVM from University of Georgia. UGA has one of the top Schools of Veterinary in the country.

Jones Bridge Animal Hospital

Jones Bridge Animal Hospital
11450 Jones Bridge Road
John’s Creek, GA 30022
(770) 410- 0044


Out of all the veterinarians I’ve dealt with or researched, Jones Bridge Animal Hospital consistently receives perfect reviews. They were founded in 1992 and is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association. What stands out about being accredited by the AAHA , fewer than 18% of the small animal veterinary facilities in the United States and Canada are accredited members of AAHA. This accreditation means that this hospital consistently adhere to the highest standards of the veterinary profession and have an ongoing commitment to excellence. Among other traits , Jones Bridge Animal Hospital are open every single day of the week. The hours are long. And that’s important if you have a sick pet and can’t wait until Monday Morning.

I hope these recommendations have helped. I have other recommendations as well. I know many determinations are dependent upon location. These Top 3 , you can’t go wrong.

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