Get Your Pet WinterProofed 2015

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Frostbite takes paws of cat

By: Tanya Stroman

Many times, particularly in the south, we will coop ourselves and our pets in the house to avoid any dangers during this time. But don’t let the weather control the exercise and quality time your pets should be enjoying.

I am no way saying that your pets should be locked outside . Yes , in my opinion that’s abuse. But our pets aren’t feeble beings and there are ways for them to enjoy themselves during the winter months with creativity and safety precautions in use.

Winter has the benefit of being a great time to enjoy fresh air and exercise. I am going to provide you with precautions for you and your pet to keep safe during this time. Here is a top list of advice to help your pets cope with winter weather.

1) One misconception among people is that…

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