What’s The Cost Of Pet Sitting ? Is it Worth The Price?


Heading out-of-town and can’t f­igure out a way to bring your pet along? Maybe you want to your pet and get a neighbor to check in on your pet? You try that but no neighbor is available. You thought about leaving him in a kennel. Ut oh , now you’re worried just how much attention your spoiled pet will receive. You’re in a conundrum because you can’t just decide to leave it behind and run out the door. Very few pets, if any, are independent enough to spend an extended amount of time at home alo­ne. You find out a growing segment of the pet industry is the pet sitting business. What does pet sitting entail? How expensive it ? Can I get high quality care for the price of kennel care. Well let’s what’s included in pet sitting before answering that question.

What Goes into Pet Sitting

Hiring a professional pet sitter is one of the best decisions you can make for your pet and for yourself. Professional Pet Sitting benefits you and your pet in ways that kennels, neighbors can’t give. A) Your pet can stay at home in a safe and familiar environment. He will never know the difference of you going to work or vacation. B) Hiring a pet sitter eliminates extra travel expenses, travel-related stress and traumas and still having to accommodate your pet every day of visit. C ) Many pet sitters are more than just pet lovers. Many professional pet sitters have had careers in the pet industry. So they may have worked in pet stores, veterinary offices, and/or are pet trainers. With these credentials , you feel more confident that if something happens, that sitter has a protocol in place to handle unexpected instances. If you have a sick pet , a professional pet sitter will maintain that pets regular medical care. D) Professional Pet sitters offer other services related to your home , to dog training, dog grooming and vet visits. More times than not, you will confident your pet is in capable hands without having to impose on family, friends or neighbors. E) You will be able to maintain contact with your professional for as many times needed throughout the day. And this includes receiving pictures. F) Last but not least, many professional pet sitting companies have incorporated GPS tracking so that you know how much exercise your pet is receiving .

Exploring Your Options

I will suggest that before hiring a professional pet sitter , have at least three potential pet sitter. I say this because your relationship with the pet sitter will become a long-term relationship in your pet lives as well as yours. When searching take advantage of the free “meet and greet” that many offer. During these “meet and greets” interview your potential pet sitter , have a list of questions ready. Happy Walk Happy Dog has a list of sitter questions that are pertinent and often asked . Many people go the cheap route and try to find someone who costs $20 a day with no true experience with animals. The pitfall of hiring a cheap sitter is they have no insurance in case something happens. . Professional pet sitters should be able to provide both proof of bondin­g and liability insurance coverage.. Make sure to not only check the written reviews but ask to speak to 2 to 3 clients of theirs by phone and get insight from their clients’ perspective. Then last and most importantly, evaluate the budding relationship between potential pro pet sitter and your pet. How your pet responds will finalize your decision on the pick.

One more thing , lessen your stress by planning ahead. Just like you, the professional pet sitter will need much info about your pet , his history and routine. So, make sure you have a folder of info ready during the meeting. . Make sure that folder provide important information like your pet’s medical conditions , veterinarian information, pets’ eating schedule , emergency contact numbers , where the supplies are kept and even his favorite toy.

What Pet Sitters Do


There isn’t much difference between a pet sitter and a baby sitter. Pet sitters are hired to care and take responsibility for your animal in your home while you’re away. This can be a simple or complicated task — it all depends on your pet.

The main responsibilities of a pet sitter are fairly obvious: They should provide your pet with food and opportunities to go to the bathroom, whether this requires taking it for a walk, cleaning its litter box or cleaning its cage. It’s your responsibility to make sure that you have enough food and bathroom materials at home for the duration of your trip.

One of the biggest advantages to hiring a pet sitter is that your pet can keep its day-to-day routine while you’re gone . Therefore, the pet sitter should keep your pet on that routine. If you play with your animal every day at 6 p.m., your sitter should do the same. However, it’s your duty to make sure your sitter’s aware of your pet’s regular schedule so he or she can make proper arrangements. Typed lists are very effective and much appreciated.

The pet sitter is responsible for seeking out proper care for your animal in the event of a medical emergency. You should make sure he or she knows where your veterinarian is located and how to reach him or her. It’s also a good idea to leave a sitter with the phone numbers of emergency centers that can treat your pet outside of normal business hours. Again, a typed list is very effective here.

Beyond those responsibilities, a pet sitter also should give your animal love and attention. Some pet sitters may be willing to take over some house-sitting responsibilities as well, such as checking the mail or watering the plants. This varies between sitters and is likely to cost extra.

What Is This Worth To You?

Pet sitter rates vary depending on a number of factors, including experience and the specific services you need. Rates also differ according to the number of pets being cared for, the size of the pets and the amount of time you wish the sitter to spend with your pets.
Pet sitting rates should include provisions for any day-to-day pet-related needs. Feeding your pet, making sure it has fresh water, taking it outside if necessary, playing with it, administering medication, and cleaning up messes should all be included at no extra charge. Your chosen sitter may include a number of house-sitting tasks as well. After all, it makes more sense to have one person take care of everything than to hire both a pet sitter and a house sitter while you’re away.

Average pet-sitting rates vary between $20 and $35 per visit. Many different factors determine the actual price including location and travel. Time and mileage. Jobs that require the pet sitter to stay at your residence overnight, for example, can cost anywhere from $65 to $120 per overnight visit.

The biggest factor in determining your pet sitter’s rates is your location. It costs more to hire a pet sitter in New York City than it does to do so in Kansas City. Second most important factor is the number of pets in your family. Multiple pets in your home means more responsibility for the pet sitter and an extra fee charged per animal. A third factor is the type(s) of pets you have. Caring for a cat is different from carrying for a dog, a pig, reptiles and birds. I’ve taken care of household that have had Bulldogs, cats, pig and chickens under one roof. It’s a lot to do so be prepared to pay . If your away event falls during holiday season, surcharges are added. After all, that sitter does deserve to be paid more when missing time from their family to take care of someone else’s family (of pets).



Hiring a professional pet sitter is worth whatever price they tell you. Show your appreciation, by not attempting to negotiate and every once in a while a gift or a tip. The more appreciated they feel, the longer your pet has a best friend to turn to while you’re away.