Every Other Day Cat- Sits Are NOT An Option When Hiring Professional Pet Sitting Services.


Pepper Grayson

This is Pepper Grayson, my gray tabby. As independent as Peppie is, I would never leave him alone for more than a day. I know others may say they would but let’s address some of those consequences.

One of the best things about being a professional pet sitter is the connection many of us share. Not only are we able to celebrate each other’s successes but we are able to share the lessons learned from the failures as well. Just this past week , one of my fellow professional pet sitters fosters cats along with her pets. After coming home late from pet sitting other’s pets , she noticed the foster cat was acting unusual and ill. It turned out the cat was extremely ill, he had an obstructed bowel. The cat is still in the hospital today. Some may say how often does that happen. More times than you know. Not the obstructed bowel but illness. Cats are not going to give you signs when they are ill . Therefore, it’s extremely important for not only the owner to be aware but the professional pet sitting service you use must be very knowledgeable on the behaviors of cats. Besides illnesses , here are some other reasons.

1) Cats are mischievous and can get themselves in trouble without thinking about it. Such as getting stuck in the washing machine or a closet.

2) That mischievousness also leads cats into disrupting their own area. Did you know cats love to mess in their own food and water? Many times , not only in my own home but in client homes as well, I’ve walked into the cat area where the water has been spilled into their own food . Thereby , their food is ruined. And cats do not like ruined food.

3) The cat litter must be cleaned out daily. Not only do cats not like dirty litter and will start using the bathroom throughout your house, illnesses can happen when you force them to use dirty cat litter.

4) Let’s go back to the mischievousness of cats. That curiosity leads them to investigating your house like it’s a jungle .and many times cats get stuck any many places such as your bedroom. One of my clients was in a rush to leave the house and mistakenly locked the cat in the bedroom. Imagine , what her bedroom would have smelled like if I didn’t go over there for 48 hours? We all know what cat pee smells like and it’s horrible!

5) I love plants in the house . It’s Christmas and I love Poinsettias. Many of my clients have plants and flowers in the house and we are always creatively trying to find places to put plants so that cats do not eat them. Plants and flowers make cats ill.

6) Diabetic cats need daily care because of their insulin shots. I have two diabetic cats that are in my care for Christmas.

7) Pepper Grayson or Peppie , as I call him ,loves to get into everything at our house. One day , my husband and I came home and found him stuck in between the railings of the stairs. It wasn’t just his head , it was his body. . I guess he wasn’t aware he was growing.

8) I mentioned refrigerators earlier. When I was single and I had my first cat., I lost him inside the house. The thing is, I wasn’t aware he was lost. I assumed he was sleeping comfortably under the bed that night. I got up to get water and needed ice. Guess who was in the the freezer? My cat, Rocky was! Now if I had waited six hours later , he would have been dead and frozen.

9) One of my clients has a little boy who loves to play with the pets in the house. Unbeknownst to her at the time, the little boy put the cat in the oven for safekeeping. Now if I hadn’t come by and heard the cat, let’s not think about what the oven would have smelled like. Or what if the client got home and turned the oven on to pre-warm. Too many consequences could have resulted.

10) Last but not least. It’s important for us, professional pet sitting services. It’s a liability issue for us with our insurance companies. Our insurance companies stipulates that cats should be seen at least once in a 24 hour period.

I understand that pet owners try to save a lot of money when it comes to our pets. What we need to understand if you have a pet and love them like your child, no cost should be spared in care. You will end up regretting it if something happens and there is no turning back.

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