Why Does My Cat Love To Hide In Small Places?


Pepper Grayson and Princess are the names of my two cats. They make me laugh with their little antics. Oh they can wreck my nerves too. Particularly when I’m in a rush and need to find them in the house to make sure they are okay. I find them in the most unusual places. Well usual and fun for them.

My Cats love to squeeze themselves into small spaces. They crawl into drawers, baskets, and boxes. They climb into corners of closets, hide under beds, and station themselves in the corner of my easy chair. Even as i am putting the groceries away, Peppie is curled up inside one of the paper bags.

It got me to thinking why do cats love small places . It’s not that difficult to figure out the primal reasons. After all, they are mammals too. They feel snug and protected in smaller, defined places. Cats have a natural need for warmth and protection; their ever-present instinct tells them to be alert to dangers that might sneak up on them when they are dozing. If the enclosure has a top, that’s even better.

There are other reasons , cats seek the protection and security of small cramped spaces. One ,Wild cats require stealth for survival. So it is that hiding in small spaces helps cats be more successful.
Two, If your cat is about to give birth, a comfy hidey-hole is just the ticket. Momma cats are unlikely to birth their babies in places predators can see them. And three,Cats like to be warm. Small spots are quite simply cozier.

So secure your bond and relationship with your cat by making sure your “Sir Oliver” has a variety of snug places where he can curl up and take a nap. So purchase or get a variety of beds, boxes and hideaways . Remember, your cat thinks of your home as their own private jungle to hone their skills. Even a cardboard box tipped on its side and lined with a soft pillow or blanket can be your kitty’s personal Shangr-La. An upside-down box with holes cut in the sides also will make a nice retreat too. One thing I like to do is leave out a box or paper bag (but not plastic ones) and let Peppie and Princess turn it into a great hideaway.

Some cats( not my two cats) like their cat carriers, too, especially if they’ve had plenty of opportunity to explore them. So its okay to turn that carrier into their private hide away. Then when it’s time for a visit to the veterinarian, it won’t be so scary because he’ll be in his “home away from home”.

So our seemingly self-sufficient pets seek comfort in ways we may think unusual for such independent creatures. It’s actually logical though. Even the more secure among us want a place to feel snug and sheltered. Even if it’s something as surprising as the top drawer of our dresser.

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