5 Simple But Fantastic Reasons to Make Your Next Pet , A Shelter Pet


Besides being a Professional Pet Sitter, one of my favorite past times is the time I spend with my 5 pets. I have 2 gorgeous cats and 3 gorgeous dogs. My heart fills with joy watching them enjoy themselves in the house, outside or just each other. I have 3 pure bred Shih Tzus , a gray tabby and muted calico. Looking at them and knowing the breeds particularly of the dogs , some may assume I paid at least a $1000 . Actually I didn’t. All of them together about half that cost. All of my babies are from animal shelters.

I am a big advocate of adopting from shelters and rescue organizations. You will find the most grateful animals and I want to share 5 simple reasons on why your next pet should be a rescue animal.

A) Life Safer

Saving a life just may be one of the most rewarding actions in a person’s life. For many of us, having to watch pet shelters have put down animals because the shelter is overflooded or they simply did not get adopted is heartbreaking. Choosing to adopt a pet from an animal shelter or animal adoption agency will bless you in multiple ways, increase the quality of life for that pet and of course saving a life.

B) More Money in Your Pocket

I said it at the beginning, my cost was very low for the adoption of the total of my pets. You don’t have to get 5 pets like me. One will suffice. After you adopt that one, think about how much money is in your pocket than you anticipated. It will be a lot.. Animals that have been placed in shelters or taken to animal adoption agencies are almost always spayed or neutered and vaccinated. Those are preliminary, but necessary procedures. Add the cost of the procedures if you were taking care of the expense after purchasing a $1000 pet. I will tell you this, it’s an expensive bill. Conclusively, it is relatively inexpensive to adopt a pet from an agency or shelter in comparison to purchasing dogs or cats from a local pet store.

C) Healthy is NOT an option

Anytime you adopt from a shelter or rescue organization, you are guaranteed a healthy pet. As was mentioned above, pets from shelters and adoption agencies are almost always spayed or neutered, and have received their vaccinations as well. This ensures the health and happiness of your future pet. Also, in contradiction to popular belief, many pets who have been placed in shelters have not been mistreated or “done something wrong.” Many pets have been taken there because of people problems, such as divorce, a big move, or they are simply too busy to adequately provide care for a pet.


D) Say No To Puppy Mills

Let me say that one more time, Say No To Puppy Mills! Adopting a shelter pet is an active way of not supporting puppy mills .Many pets that are sold in pet stores or newspaper ads sometimes come from puppy mills. Puppy mills are mass dog-breeding businesses that are harmful to the health of their bred puppies. These facilities sometimes house up to several hundred dogs at a time, thus compromising the health and well-being of a precious puppy. By adopting a pet from a shelter or a pet adoption agency, you are not supporting these often inhumane businesses.

E) Variety Is The Spice Of Life

You’ll love the large selection that rescue organizations and animal shelters have to offer. Also there are many shelter for you to peruse. And making pet shopping easier on potential parents, many pet agencies and shelters have websites that allow people to search for possible pets by their age, sex, size, and breed. This enables families to search from the comfort of their own homes; the hassle of going to noisy and overwhelming shelters and agencies is eliminated.

So there you have it. There is much satisfaction you will acquire when you adopt a pet . You will begin your life with the love of your life, you will have money in your pocket, you will be supporting a healthy and just cause, , your pet baby will be healthy and you can feel that you have served a purpose because you will have saved a life. Adopting a pet has lifelong benefits that you will not regret. Give these animals a second chance by allowing them to join your loving family.

Til Next Time…

This is only a partial listing of rescue groups in the Atlanta metro area. There are many more, including specific breed rescue groups for just about every breed of dog and some breeds of cats. The most complete listing of rescue groups that we know of is available on the internet at www.petorphans.com.
Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends 678.318.1886 www.AARFatlanta.org
Atlanta Canine Adoption Project 678.233.6039 www.acap.petfinder.com
Atlanta Humane Society 404-875-2600, 404-875-5331 http://www.atlhumane.org
Atlanta Pet Rescue 770-351-7377 http://www.atlantapetrescue.org
AtlantaPets.org http://www.atlantapets.org
Cherokee County Humane Society 770-928-5115 http://www.cchumanesociety.org
Clayton County Humane Society 770-471-9436 http://www.claytoncountyhumane.org
Cobb County Humane Society 770-428-5678 http://www.humanecobb.org
Dekalb Humane Society 770-593-1155, 770-987-8288 http://www.dekalbhumane.org
Fayette County Humane Society 770-487-1073 http://www.fayettehumane.org
Forgotten Paws Pet Rescue 770-517-8399 http://www.forgottenpaws.com
Forsyth County Humane Society 770-889-1365 http://www.forsythpets.com
Fulton County Animal Services 404-794-0358 http://www.fultonanimalservices.com
Good Mews Animal Foundation 770-499-2287 http://www.goodmews.org
Good Shepherd Humane Society 770-463-5513
Gwinnett County Humane Society 770-798-7711 http://www.gwinnetthumane.com
Gwinnett Friends of the Shelter 770-662-6188
Henry County Humane Society 770-914-1272 http://www.henrycounty.petfinder.org
Kanine Kids 678-318-1839 http://www.kaninekids.com
Lifeline Animal Project 404-292-8800 http://www.atlantapets.org
North Fulton Humane Society 770-772-7472
PAWS Atlanta 770-593-1155 http://www.pawsatlanta.org
Pet Orphans Rescue Referrals http://www.petorphans.com
Petzone (Monroe, Walton County) 770-266-1060 http://www.petzonedogs.com/
Second Chance Animal Rescue 404-643-9096 http://www.secondchancedogs.org
Small Dog Rescue 404-705-PAWS http://www.smalldoghumane.org
Society of Humane Friends 770-962-1549
Stray Atlanta 404.745.0067 (f) http://www.strayatlanta.org
The Doghouse Rescue 404-325-9303 http://www.thedoghouserescue.org