My Cat Needs a Cat Sitter?! Preposterous !

This is Why Ms. Princess, the cat must have a pet sit at least once a day .

When I talk to people who are cat owners or even not, they are surprised when I tell them I’m a cat sitter. I always get asked what does a cat sitter do. Cat sitters do exactly what the title says. We take care of that cat and their needs.

Many believe cats can take care of themselves, they don’t need anyone taking care of them. I’m here to tell you, cats do need taking care of on a daily basis. Yes cats are independent and can enjoy themselves on their own. But cats are like any other animal, they need love and attention.

Let me show you the ways cats need help and on an everyday basis too.

Bathroom Breaks

One of the many benefits of owning a cat is you don’t have to walk them outside. They use their own private litter box. While that is great, remember that the litter box needs cleaning everyday. One of the duties in Happy Walk Happy Dog’s services is cleaning out that litter box daily. Yes that means scooping the clumps. But you can’t forget cleaning the box itself daily.

In doing so, you minimize the odor in your house, lessen the risk of illnesses for the cat as well as his live-in mate ,the dog. And of course you eliminate the possibility of the cat using the bathroom in your house. And cats loves to be clean too.

Curiosity killed the Cat

When the owner is away, it’s amazing the adventures your cat will have in your house. There are many times owners have come home to go find out the cat got in the pantry, dug and scratched at the furniture , got trapped in the washer machine, behind the refrigerator, in the dish washer, your closet. The list can go on. You’re home from work and too tired to look for Coconut. Next thing you know, Coconut is dead from freezer burn. Having a pet sitter come and spend time with Coconut can minimize these accidents from happening.

The Cat with Medical Issues

One thing about cats is they will not show you any signs that anything is wrong. They keep their pains to themselves. And one day , you can walk in and Coconut is dying that night in front of you. I know. It happened to me last year and my heart completely broke over my cat dying. I went thru the guilt of not recognizing my cat was ill. If you have a daily pet sitter, a trained professional pet sitter can see the signs without the cat giving the clue. I got training to recognize the clues when I need to take Coconut to the vet.

More importantly , your cat could have a chronic illness and need medication. For the working pet parent , your job can make it difficult to give Coconut here medication on a timely basis. I said before , professional pet sitters are trained to give medication by mouth or intravenously. And if Coconut went into a diabetic shock , the Happy Walk Happy Dog Pet Taxi is a great service to utilize. Our On-Call/ Emergency Enrollment program is made for these services.

I Need Love & Affection!

Contrary to traditional belief, cats need and want companionship , love and attention just like a dog would. It doesn’t hurt having a pet sitter that can visit Coconut at least once a day to play, hug and kiss. It Confirms to them they are wanted.

Last But Not Least…

Your cat gets hungry. It’s unfair just to pile food in a dish for a cat, allowing them to eat all day and get so fat that they can’t roll over and lick themselves.

Cats’ food should be monitored and measured out to keep them healthy. Some owners feed their cats anything .
Just as much as we stress the importance of a healthy diet for our dogs, cats deserve and need that acknowledgement and care as well. Its important to feed them food that has natural digestive products. Easily digestible cat food minimizes hair balls and regurgitation. Happy Walk Happy Dog also is an independent distributor of Flint River Ranch Natural Pet Foods.

Here’s a tip: Never let your cat eat dog food, more specifically commercial processed dog food . There are chemicals in commercial dog food that can kill them.

Flint River Ranch Natural Pet Foods has a wide selection of cat and dog foods. Our foods are baked not processed with chemicals. So if Coconut mistakenly gets in the dog food, it won’t kill her.

So whether you have a cat or thinking about adopting one, make sure their quality of life is beyond standard. Hiring a daily pet sitter such as Happy Walk Happy Dog can help the cat transition in your home without the stress and behave appropriately without destroying your house.

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  1. As a pet sitter in Ohio I’ve frequently cared for cats who would hide under the bed when I came and I would lay on the floor and just talk to them for awhile. I prefer the friendlier cats who will play with you. You could invest in a feeding dish with a timer that only gives them so much food at intervals that you decide upon.

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