The Value Of A Professional Petsitter









Having a professional pet sitter is one of the most invaluable services you will need for your pet. I am not talking about a member of your family or the kid down the street walking your pet once maybe twice a day when you can’t or changing the litter box of your cat , Millie while you’re out-of-town. I mean a professional petsitter who takes complete responsibility of your pet when you can’t .

Pet Sitters have many questions that are asked of them when talking to many potential clients. The main question that is asked is “what is the cost?” Why wouldn’t it be the main question right? As a pet owner, it’s important to know your monthly expenses of your pets.

As a pet owner, I will tell you not to devalue or insult the value of your petsitter. Don’t compare them with the neighborhood kid that comes in for 10 minutes and lets Max out in the backyard and then back in .

At companies like Happy Walk Happy Dog, the pet sitters have a certification process they must go through with organizations such as PSI. Yes there is a 300 question exam that tests the knowledge of animals, educates on how to train animals with basic commands,gives them knowledge of diseases that affect the pet’s health, helps them to analyze the behavior of pets and much more.

Also professional pet sitters are insured and bonded. So if anything ever happens to Babcock , the doxie, they are covered.

Professional pet sitting companies also vets and do background checks of all petsitters that are in their employ. They talk to their references as well to assess why they would make a great pet sitter for them.

The quality time that they spend with your pet is so much appreciated by the pet. Many times pets are left home and suffers through isolation , separation anxiety, depression . To have a daily pal come over and play with you , feed you and exercise with you is very satisfying to the pet’s soul. The pet sitter may walk or run, take Rambo to the dog park to get fresh air and socialize with other animals.

Pet Sitters are certified in Pet CPR & First Aid . Therefore they are prepared for any emergency care that the pet may need while in their care such as a pet suffering from a distended stomach. A petsitter has a fully prepared first aid kit so they will be able to handle a minor infection, diarrhea or other minor issues that may arise. And the pet sitter has no qualms about taking the pet to the veterinarian hospital in case of emergencies.

Speaking of emergencies ,petsitters are prepared with back up emergency plans just in case of horrible things happening like a tornado, or earthquake . And some companies such as Happy Walk Happy are on call for last-minute emergencies. For example, Happy Walk Happy Dog has an enrollment program for pet owners called the On Call/Emergency packages which guarantees they can be at your last-minute call when needed. For example, you’re at work when you find out that Bella is in the apartment by herself and there is a fire going on , you can have great comfort knowing that you can call the pet sitter at last-minute and alert them what’s going and the pet sitter being able to drop everything and make sure little Bella is safe . Enrollment programs like Happy Walk Happy Dog’s On-Call/Emergency package is well worth it.

Many Pet sitters are also trained professionally to handle the daily medical care that Simba the cat may need. There may be shots or pills for an illness such as diabetes that is needed daily. Would you really entrust that in the hands of the neighborhood kid? Of course not !

Last but not least , don’t forget to calculate the expenses such as the gas prices, maintenance of car, time, cost of supplies such as a prepared first aid kit . As well as the overhead cost which includes insurance and bonding, utilities,phone bill, printing literature, advertising and professional membership fees. How does all this really compare versus hiring a kid down street. Again it doesn’t .

In conclusion , when you hire your next pet sitter , you will want one that has these qualifications and more. And you will definitely more than appreciate everything they do to make sure you have the peace of mind and Beau has a pal for Life!

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