Professional Pet Sitting, The Best Passion I’ve Ever Had And Yes I take it Seriously!

LolaBaby                                            My Baby girl, LoLa Bella

Have I ever told you how I discovered this wonderful world of pet sitting? Well I will now. Anyone that knows me , the first thing they will tell you about is my love for animals. You would have thought as a child I would have steered my life and career in veterinary, opening a 501c3 charity for rescue organizations. I didn’t and you know why? I never thought of taking care of animals as a job. I was told most of my life , you’re smart, you’re a corporate girl, make sure you have financial security and health benefits. I was a good girl and I listened. I always had the best jobs available. I spent years  in pharmaceutical sales as well as the financial industry. And I’m not bragging , I did well. I traveled a lot, made very good money, won awards. But here is the big question. Was I happy? Certain things in my life made me happy. Career wise, I really wasn’t. Everything always starts off great but there is a connection I was always missing. And no, it wasn’t a man!

One thing that has always been consistent in my life was the care I gave to animals. I would be working or driving, and find a stray on the street . I would stop, use my ability to charm the animal my way and keep him until I could find an appropriate owner for that pet. I didn’t need a rescue organization because I knew how to do it myself. If my pet was sick, I would research and learn everything on my own as well as have long-term relationships with several veterinarian specialists in Georgia all in the name to making sure that my pets would have the quality of life they deserve. And I have always had at least 3 to 6 pets at  a time in my home. Qualities of someone in the pet industry? Absolutely but it never occured to me to pursue anything in that area.

Later in life, I thought about the things that have made me the happiest and I put more energy into those things. One of those things was the care of pets. My neighborhood has known me as the pet nanny or the pet lady. And eventually, I had people in my neighborhood asking my opinions about the care of their pets or what do I charge for pet sitting or dog walking. And that’s when lightning struck even though it took a lifetime. I started to care for my neighbor’s pets.  But it isn’t a hobby for me. I put in quality time with their pets, quality time into studying the psychology of pets ,the behavior of pets, or what our society can and has done in improving their quality of life. Eventually, my life became my job.  No. My Career. No. It’s my passion. I love what I do. And the more time I invest with my passion, the more I increase my knowledge of pet care and the more I love it. It’s my life. Everything that has happened in my life has led me right here. Being a Professional Pet Sitter.

As a pet owner, when you are selecting a pet sitter or a pet guardian for your fur babies, think about the qualities you really want in the person you are entrusting to take care of YOUR family. Let’s face it, our pets are our children. And would you trust just anyone to take care of your child just because they may charge $10 to do it? Seriously think about that. What does that Pet Sitting Business or Pet Sitter offer that would give me confidence that my baby is okay and happy when I am not around .

Happy Walk Happy Dog Pet Sitting in Lawrenceville offers essentials that  makes us highly qualified in what we do:

A. Pet First Aid/CPR Certified
B. Personalized Service
C. Bonded & Insured
D. Emergency Prepared Plan
E. Daily Check In Service(texts,calls and emails )
F. Easy On Line Scheduling
G. Coded Key Program
What I listed were the extrinsic values of Happy Walk Happy Dog. Now Let’s look at the intrinsic values that makes us more than qualified  as pet sitters.
A) Cooking dinner for your pets is one of the best options in raising a healthy pet. You will know what they are eating.
B) Pets sleep in your bed. And it doesn’t annoy you, matter of fact , you love it!
C) True Pet Lovers always have pictures of their pets, in their house, in their office, on        their Facebook page and Instagram!
D ) One of the best moments of your day, is the greeting you get in the morning from your pets or when you  walk in the door.
E) Your pets have more clothes and toys than you do.
F) And while we are it, more beds too, just because you want them comfortable.
G Your pet is the love of your life. Okay one of the loves of your life.
When you have a meet and greet with a potential pet sitter , look for qualities that resonate with you and your pet. Then you will know you found the right one. And the price wouldn’t be an issue no matter what they charge.
Til Next Time…..
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